Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How We Found Our New Home with Our Cross Border Tax Specialist

Getting a good-paying job is one of the best things that can happen to us while we were in Canada. And by that, it means we can save up enough to buy a new house. Having been renting for quite a while in the US, dealing with taxes while we now work in Canada will be too much pain on our part. So we decided to have our Cross Border Tax Specialist to help us with our dilemma and be able to live in together with our children.

The first thing that we have to think about is where we would like to live. We have to secure that we can live in a place where our children can grow up without breaking too much off on our banks. Finding our preferred location took much of our time, actually because we wanted to spare our children with the drama of moving a lot -- at least based on our experience as a child.  That’s where we decided to have a place in Canada.

After decades of deciding for the place, we decided to get a realtor even if it’s unnecessary. But because we really wanted to see all options, we agreed to have one. Our realtor ended up doing so much of the process, including the things we don’t have much knowledge on.

We also decided to seek advice from a Cross Border Tax Specialist since we are US citizens, currently working in the US but wants to live and have a place in Canada. We all know the hassle of processing, filing and managing taxes to and from US and Canada so we thought it was best to have a Cross Border Specialist as our partner in crime. Our specialist gave us a heads up on the issues we need to take notes on regarding the nature of the neighborhood or place that we will be purchasing so that in the long run, we can save ourselves from overdues and hassles of paper requirements and taxes.

The first suggestion we got from our realtor was to talk to our bank for getting mortgage before anything else. My husband suggested getting a loan from anyone, to which the bank approved to give us higher rate than anyone else.

We then started to canvass houses after taking a good look on our budget. The struggle we had is the hassle of finding a house we can both agree upon. Don’t get me wrong. My husband and I get along well, but it seems we have different preferences on houses. Not only that. Since the both of us work, canvassing a lot of houses all at the same time during the weekends gave us the confusion to remember the houses and its features.

It was not long ‘til we found a little blue house near the bay. It was smaller than our ideal size of our house but we loved how close it was to the water. It had the perfect big yard where we can extend the house if we wanted to, or when we decide to put a pool. It seemed to promise us a lot of things we wanted. My husband saw all its potentials that he said all the possibilities to convince me to agree with the house. When I decided to agree, he actually jumped up and down! 

At present, I know that living here is a right choice. Right now, the size is perfect. In the future we can have the option to expand for the coming of our future children. We love our new house.


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